G'night Wenatchee

The high pressure system sitting over Wenatchee had created some beautiful sunsets lately.

Sea of fog

I woke up last week and found clear skies around the house but Wenatchee proper was hidden under the fog. I liked how the lights of town illuminated the fog, giving it a mystic feeling.



Happy New Year!

Maybe my first resolution should be to update this page more often? After surviving the holiday period coupled with a move into a new home I feel like I'm ready to focus again. We were treated with a gorgeous winter morning the other day and I took a few photos around the area as well as a real estate shoot for a Realtor of Kahler Glen at Lake Wenatchee.


NCHBA Home Tour

I just received a copy of the North Central Home Builders Association 'Home Tour' booklet yesterday and I gotta say, I'm really happy with how the cover is looking! This is my second year as their photographer and it looks like another solid line-up of homes for the tour this weekend. A big thank you to Lindsey Shultz and the NCHBA for their continued support!


Signs of spring

After several dark, grey months of winter spring has emerged and brought a plethora of color to NCW. As I've been out shooting real estate photos I couldn't help but notice some beautiful scenics; enjoy!

Bee boxes near Peshastin

Wenatchee River

Broken-down wagon and balsamroot


Evening clouds over Burch Mountain

Icicle Creek 



I was out on the White River Road just beyond Lake Wenatchee on Monday and it finally feels like spring is going to make a run at it. By noon it was 58* and the sun felt great. This cool meadow was across from a home I was shooting; maybe a trip back in the summer and fall is in order.

Wenatchee winter

Following the snow that visited us here in the Wenatchee Valley, I took a quick splitboard tour up to Dry Gulch to check conditions and snap a few photos on January 23rd. Good thing too as the freezing rain came the next day!

La Nina must have slept in because she's late to the party. Skiing in the PNW has been better than many areas around the country but still unseasonable dry, especially give the early predictions. It looks like we may finally be on track to kick winter into gear and pow hounds everywhere are waxing up and getting ready. Mission Ridge has been a lot of fun lately as more of the mountain has finally opened up; Windy ridge, Microwave and Bowl 4 have been tasty. But some of the best elements of Mission are the lack of crowds and amazing views.

Solstice sunrise

Happy winter solstice! From my house the sun didn't break the horizon until a couple of minutes before 8 this morning. And now that it's officially winter can someone tell La Nina she's running late for her appointment in the PNW??

Badger Mountain

I tried to get up above the fog this morning on Badger Mountain but never quite broke through.



We had an early start to winter but haven't seen any precipitation since Thanksgiving. What we have had are some incredibily cold, clear days with a little fog thrown in for good measure. While out on a photoshoot near Plain I captured a few images that I thought were fun.

Horselake Rd

Took a little drive up Horselake Rd yesterday morning to see if I could get a few photos. Unfortunatly, the light changed on me a bit and by the time I got there it was mostly overcast. Oh well, a good excuse to shoot black and whites.


Wenatchee night pt. 2

I finally got around to editing the second half of my night shots from October 26th. Couldn't decide if I like the B&W's or the trippy night color ones best.







For a long time now I've known that the single external flash mounted on my camera hot shoe was underpowered for a lot of the work I am doing. I'd read up a bit on lighting but when I started reading the real estate thread on the Photography on the Net forums it became apparent that it was time for me to step up my game. In fact, the more I read the less I realized I knew! 

External lights, wireless radios and/or slave strobes, multiple brackets, HDR and blending ambient and flash layers in Photoshop are a few different methods other photogs are using to get the results. After studying up I pulled the trigger and Santa (aka UPS) brought boxes bearing gifts on Friday evening. Strobes, stands, umbrellas, wireless radios, diffusers, brackets/clamps and gels for the strobes in addition to an extended battery grip, second battery and faster memory card. Holy cow.

Now comes the fun/tough part; practice! Sure, I have the gear but am pretty clueless how to maximize its use. More studying, tutorials and e-books as well as posting up in a vacent house for a day and just monkeying around trying different things. Looking forward to the next level!

Wenatchee night

Another chance to wander around on the night of October 26th yeilded a couple of images.





Seeing the gold in the hills at Mission Ridge convinced me to take a hike up there on the morning on October 26 and take some photos of the larch. That sea of yellow will soon be a blanket of white!






Took a cruise around on the morning of October 24th and came up with a few images. Mostly I stopped and shot the Bridge to a Cure project:







A photoshoot cut short ended up with me exploring the Lake Wenatchee and Chiwawa River valley in a light drizzle. Nothing outstanding but it was kinda fun wandering around without a specific idea of what I was looking for.





Saw the mothership yesterday evening in the skies above East Wenatchee. Lenticular clouds are the coolest.


Very interesting series of contrails in the early-morning sky. September 13, 2011