Is there anybody out there? #pinkfloyd


Late afternoon light unfolding over the foothills surrounding Wenatchee

Mission Ridge

I took a quick walk around Mission Ridge yesterday and was excited to see that they've started making snow; hoping for a Thanksgiving weekend opener!

Riverwalk Park 10.24.13

Early morning fog at the Leavenworth Riverwalk Park created a beautiful moody scene.

Icicle Gorge 10.16.13

The Icicle Gorge Loop trail is a great fall destination to stretch your legs and check out the colors.


A break in weather and work allowed for a quick trip up to Lake Valhalla yesterday


A real estate shoot involved being on the 'Castle' site at the mouth of the Tumwater Canyon. I also continued up Hwy 2 and took a little stroll over the red bridge and up the Wenatchee River to the end of the trail. 10/1/13



Quick drive up towards Badger Mountain. 9/23/13



Several lightning storms rocked the area the latter part of the summer. This was my first attempt at making a capture. 9/16/13


It's amazing to watch the sky and mountains change colors before your eyes. 9/14/13


The Pybus Public Market opened a few months ago; what a great addition to the Wenatchee Valley! 9/13/13


Another beautiful Septermber sunset with the ridges of mountains falling away. 9/11/13


I love it when the rays of the sun burn through a cloud and get defined. 9/2/13


Yesterday I was lucky enough to be able to take a day-hike into Colchuck Lake. Weather was perfect, bugs were minimal and the water felt great!


A photoshoot last week had me passing by the old bridge over the Chelan River Gorge. This has to be one of my favorite spots; I love the way the water pools and the further up you go the better it gets.


The clouds this past weekend were so thin and wispy; it looks like they were tearing themselves apart.


How clean is Lake Chelan? So clean it *sparkles*


A rained-out photoshoot turned exploratory mission led me into the Stemilt basin last week where I came across this herd of 6 bull elk in velvet.


I had the opportunity to shoot the Ptarmigan Bed & Breakfast in Leavenworth the other night. Although clouds had threatened earlier in the evening everything ended up working out beautifully.

Mission Ridge

March is typically a great month for snow here in the PNW and this year seems to be living up to that tradition. Thad and I took a hike out to Bowl 4 yesterday to find some left-overs from the Thursday powder hounds and ended up scored big.