Although technically summer here in central Washington we've been a little off weather-wise for a while now. Cherries are just now in full swing, a few weeks behind normal, and temperatures have been running 5-10 degrees below averages. 

But what really gets me is looking at one afternoon and seeing a green light to shoot the following morning, only to wake up to stormy skies and low clouds, even rain (could the forecast be any more wrong?). Such was the case on Tuesday when I drove up to Leavenworth, against my better judgement, to shoot some exteriors. I knew what I was getting in to but was optimistic that things would change. As I sat in my car up the Tumwater, rain pouring down outside, waiting for construction, I realized that it just wasn't going to happen. So I turned around, returned the keys to the listing office and cut tracks back to Wenatchee.

Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow.