For a long time now I've known that the single external flash mounted on my camera hot shoe was underpowered for a lot of the work I am doing. I'd read up a bit on lighting but when I started reading the real estate thread on the Photography on the Net forums it became apparent that it was time for me to step up my game. In fact, the more I read the less I realized I knew! 

External lights, wireless radios and/or slave strobes, multiple brackets, HDR and blending ambient and flash layers in Photoshop are a few different methods other photogs are using to get the results. After studying up I pulled the trigger and Santa (aka UPS) brought boxes bearing gifts on Friday evening. Strobes, stands, umbrellas, wireless radios, diffusers, brackets/clamps and gels for the strobes in addition to an extended battery grip, second battery and faster memory card. Holy cow.

Now comes the fun/tough part; practice! Sure, I have the gear but am pretty clueless how to maximize its use. More studying, tutorials and e-books as well as posting up in a vacent house for a day and just monkeying around trying different things. Looking forward to the next level!